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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back From the Big Apple!

Frank, Blue, Egg, and I are back from our big trip to the big apple...and it was awesome! We all had so much fun in New York City!! We stayed in Gramercy with my lovely friend Maura and spent the entire weekend eating, shopping, meeting all the lovely people who helped me make Blue over at Dial, and running around lower Manhattan, even a trip to Brooklyn! Check out all the places we stopped:

We arrived Thursday night and met my friend and host for the weekend Maura at this restaurant called The Smith. Very cool atmosphere inside, with tasty bacon wrapped apricots that I was a huge fan of!

The next morning, on Friday, we ventured down to Chelsea Market and had some of the most amazing smoked salmon and oysters at a place called The Lobster Place! So tasty! This is a great way to have really good and fresh seafood in the city without the crazy cost of restaurants. Here is Frank enjoying his oysters:

The best smoked salmon I have ever had!!

After eating a bunch of seafood, we decided to walk it off on The High Line in the west village. It reminded me a lot of Peter Brown's The Curious Garden.

Later that day we had a lunch date with my wonderful Editor Nancy Conescu at Penguin. Of course I had to bring Magnolia cupcakes...after all it is the polite thing to do (note the missing cupcake from the box was already in my belly by the time I took this photo!)

It was so amazing to finally get to meet Nancy, Mina Chung (my book designer), Katie Kurtzman (my publicist), and Lily Malcomb (my art director). They are all such wonderful women! After we hung out at Penguin (and snagged a free galley!) Nancy took us out to lunch to a restaurant called City Winery. Really good pizza (which they called flat bread...but it is essentially a fancy name for thin crust pizza at this place) And the wine was fabulous!

On our way back from lunch, we stopped at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square so I could sign a couple copies of Blue:

After walking all around the city, we decided it was necessary to buy new shoes...BLUE ones of course!

That night we stopped at McSorley's, the oldest bar in the country. I love this place. It has wood shavings all over the floor and you have two choices for your beer: light or dark. You gotta love McSorley's for their simplicity. After we headed over to Spice for a yummy bowl of Thai food. Duck noodles, yes please!

The next morning, I had a date with Greenlight Books in Brooklyn! But not before grabbing a delicious Everything bagel with chive cream cheese from Ess-a-Bagel. This bagel was seriously amazing!! I think I devoured it in like to seconds!

I finally got to drive across the Brooklyn Bridge on the way to my book event, which was simply perfect since I have the gatefold of it in the book. I would have taken a picture...but I was too busy looking up to remember to snap a shot of it. Finally, we arrived at Greenlight Books, which is probably one of the coolest book stores I have ever been in. Look at these awesome chairs they have:

I definitely need to find someone who can make me some sweet shovel chairs like these! Greenlight books was so much fun, all the kids really seem to love When Blue Met Egg. They even drew pictures of Blue and Egg with me!

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and Greenlight Books for hosting me and Blue! After out bookstore adventure we went to the Brooklyn Flea Market, which is filled with really cool antiques, jewelry, prints, ephemera, and FOOD! Here are just a few of the things we ate: blood orange donut (my personal favorite for the weekend), brisket sandwich, porchetta sandwich, ethiopian spicy lentils, and a hot dog with Asian inspired toppings. YUM! Brooklyn and I got along quite well in case you couldn't tell. We took the subway on our way back, stopping at just a few places such as Craft Bar and Pete's Tavern.

Before meeting some friends for dinner we stopped at Bar Jamon (Frank and I are big fans of Jamon, which is spanish cured tasty!) where we had some of the thinnest shaved Jamon I have ever have. But the chorizo and pickled peppers stole the show...AMAZING! As if I haven't used that word enough in this entry...but it is so true. Both plates were finished rather quickly...

Next, we stopped at Schiller's for some dinner with a few old friends, Lindsey and Josh.

Sadly, we had reached our last full day in the city...but we definitely went out with a bang with a book event at Books of Wonder.. The staff was so great, and I got to see some old and new friends!

With my fabulous editor Nancy Conescu:

It was quite the whirlwind trip! We went all over the place, reading books and eating lots and lots of food! It was so much fun! I can't wait till we get to visit again...

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