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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paper sources (no pun intended) to check out!

I received an email today from a fellow illustrator, Melissa Lind (, who asked me about where I get my paper. Being a cut paper illustrator I have traveled far and wide to find the best selection. I wanted to post about this because finding great paper shops can be really difficult depending on where you live. Before I moved to Ohio last year I lived in Boston, where I had access to lots of paper shops (some of which are listed below). But when I moved to Ohio I found that what I had in Boston was hard to find. I no longer lived within walking distance of Paper Source (probably one of my favorite stores of all time), nor was I a T ride away from Rugg Road Paper Company. Life was tragic. But then I realized that because I had obsessively been shopping in these shops for almost two years, I could easily go online and buy all the supplies I needed. Now, I want to mention that I was very opposed to this idea. I DON'T SHOP ONLINE. I am a tangible experience kind of gal. Especially with paper, I need to see it and touch it before I buy. However, until Paper Source decides to open a location in Ohio, I will be a digital shopper. And ultimately, my online shopping still allows me to support my ex-local shops, seeing as I know their inventory so well :)

So here are some of my favorite paper shops that I hope those of you out there who love paper as much as I do will support: - They sell paper from all over the world along with lots of other amazing items. They also have multiple locations all over the country. - Miki's Paper - Berkeley, CA - the most beautiful Japanese paper selection you will ever see in the states. - one of my favorite paper stores in Boston, MA. They also sell handmade papers from all over the world. - I don't think this place sells online, but if you are ever in Rockport, MA you should pop in. Very cute! - New York City - paper mecca (as I like to call it), this is place where my paper fetish started. They have some of the most beautiful papers I have ever seen. - Columbus, Ohio - great paper and a stunning shop. The first time I went in this shop I just wanted to live there (okay that sounded a little weirder than I intended it to...but you get the idea). It is very beautiful inside.

If any one has any other great paper shop suggestions, I am always looking for a new shop to visit!!