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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fried Snickers...So Much Potential

So last night some friends and I went out to dinner at this place (no names) that had great food but broke my heart and expectations when it came to dessert (which is the best part of the meal in the first place).  Everything we had was amazing until we ordered the Fried Snickers dessert.  Now I know you are thinking 'fried snickers, what could be wrong with that?' and you would be correct...because in theory it is a brilliant idea.  However, a dessert can't be awesome in name only, its all about the execution.  My friends and I were so excited about the potential of this dessert.  In fact it was pretty much what sealed the deal for me in going to dinner at this place.  

We get our order of Fried Snickers and it was just tragic.  It could have been so much more.  Instead of just deep frying the Snickers bar, which I think would have been a better approach, it was wrapped in an egg roll style shell and then fried.  This ultimately just make it taste like an egg roll filled with chocolate and peanuts.  It was not good.  

I think the rule of thumb for fried promises such as a fried Snickers bar is to ALWAYS get them from a street fair, carnival, or boardwalk.  These three venues seem to understand the concept of frying of all things delicious.  

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