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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Huge thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday to celebrate the release of my new picture book, Henry Finds His Word!  Special thanks to Main Street Cupcakes and the Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson, Ohio for hosting and selling books on my behalf.  It was a truly wonderful event filled with books, cupcakes, crafts, and face painting.  Check out the photos below courtesy of my step-dad, Mike Haley (thanks Mike!)

My best Vanna White.

My husband Frank, the first to get his face painted.
He's pretty awesome.

Getting a "bunny" painted on my face.

My husband and I with our "dog" and "bunny" faces.

Frank working on a word bubble.

My friend Kate and the owner of the Learned Owl Bookshop.
Thanks for selling books Kate!

Signing books for my favorite librarians (Annie, Tina, and Chris)

This little girl went with the "bird" face painting option.

My mom rockin' it with the face painting skills!

Love this photo!

Reading Henry Finds His Word aloud.

The beautiful and delicious cupcakes made by Main Street Cupcakes for the party.

My nephew Nicky...cute as a button, getting a "dog" painted on his face.

The Kessen Family.  If you open a copy of Henry Finds His Word,
you'll noticed it's dedicated to Tyler. 
I love that Tyler is wearing stripes in this picture just like Henry.


My dear friend Jen with her baby Audrey.

Main Street Cupcakes in Hudson, Ohio.

Thanks for having me and Henry!!


  1. Yesterday I went to the library with my 4 year old and he picked out this book - I loved the illustrations and saw that you were from Lakewood (my son was born there! We now live just a little south in Akron) and had to come over to check out your website. :) We love Main Street Cupcakes!

  2. Thank you! I'm so happy to hear your son loved my book!

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