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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back From My West Coast Adventure!

After two weeks of traveling, including stops in Los Angeles, Pasedena, San Jose, San Francisco, Petaluma, Oakland (basically all of the Bay Area!), and Portland, Oregon, Blue and I are finally home.  Our trip was filled with amazing adventures, visiting family and friends, a wedding, five book store visits, and lots and lots of food.  I'm pretty sure I will be full until the rest of the year...but it was so worth the overeating that went on on this trip!  Check out the pictures from my trip below:

View of the Hollywood hills from Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

Griffith Park the way getting up to this was incredibly difficult,
I thought my calves were on fire.  But totally worth the view :)

Micky Mouse topiary at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA

Seven Dwarfs on the side of a building at Disney Studios.

Plaque at Disney Studios in honor of the legendary Mary Blair,
one of my favorite illustrators of all time!

Statue of Disney and Minnie at Disney Studios.

Bookstore visit at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA.

Reading aloud at Vroman's Bookstore.

Signing at Vroman's Bookstore.

Bookstore visit at A Great Good Place For Books in Oakland, CA.

Reading aloud at A Great Good Place For Books.

Bookstore visit at Copperfield's Books in Petaluma, CA.

Reading aloud at Copperfield's Books.

Talking about cut paper at Copperfield's Books :)

Bookstore visit at Hicklebee's Bookstore in San Jose, CA.  
I love this bookstore, one of my absolute favorites!
They also gave me my first job when I was 15 :)

Reading When Blue Met Egg aloud at Hicklebee's Bookstore.

Drawing Blue at Hicklebee's Bookstore!

Signing the wall at Hicklebee's, just below where
I drew Pelly the year before!!

Remember what I said about eating a lot??  Voodoo Doughnuts
was my downfall in Portland, Oregon.

Taking pictures with Blue in front of Ellsworth Kelly prints
at the Portland Art Museum.

Bookstore visit at Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon!!

Reading Blue and some of my favorite picture books aloud at Powell's.

Signing books at Powell's Bookstore!

My favorite picture book the trip :)

On our last day in Portland...I needed one more doughnut.
A Maple-Bacon one of course!

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