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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Starting the Day With Cut Paper!

I spent the morning with some very artistic children in Akron, Ohio!  We talked about making picture books and how to create illustrations using cut paper and mixed media.  I read aloud Finn Throws a Fit, written by David Elliott and illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering, without showing them the book.  This book is so much fun, filled with a lot of imagery that comes through in very few words.  And the illustrations are fantastic!

After hearing the story aloud, I asked the kids to think about what kind of images they saw when I was reading.  Each kid picked a part of the story to illustrate.  Here are some of their fabulous cut paper illustrations:

Ashlyn, Age 7

Autumn, Age 7

Peyton, Age 5

Stevin, Age 7

Caedance, Age 7

Sophia, Age 4

I think they came out pretty spectacular, don't you??

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