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Friday, September 2, 2011

When Blue Met Egg F&Gs!!

I had a lovely package arrive in the mail today from my editor containing my When Blue Met Egg F&Gs!!! Now for those of you who don't know an F&G is what is known as a Folded and Gathered. It is basically a picture book without its binding. So all the pages are folded and in place with the actual jacket wrapped around them on the paper they will be printed on for the books just minus the binding. This is what publishing houses send around to bookstores and so forth to sell their books before they come out. Basically it is the picture book's equivalent of an arch or galley.

Anyways, I finally received mine for When Blue Met Egg, which will be released on February 2, 2012. It was so awesome to see my book all folded and put together... they even came wrapped in an orange polka dotted ribbon. I can't wait until I get the bound books!

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