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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Neglect

I have been severely neglecting my blog, obviously. My last entry was over a year ago, which is just silly. And things have changed, for instance I don't even live in Boston anymore. I live in a very nice city outside Cleveland, called Lakewood. When I created this blog I wanted to write about bakeries and the amazing treats that I found trying different ones, but I would go eat sweets and then forget to post about them. I didn't feel like that was something I could keep up regularly either, mainly because I would probably be 400 pounds by now. So now I have a new plan: I want to write about the process of illustration since as a children's book illustrator it is pretty much what I do everyday. I have seen lots of illustration blogs, but not very many that actually talk about the process. How does a book get made once you sell your manuscript? What are the steps involved? I think it is important to pass that information along. No one ever really told me about what happens next until I was in the middle of the situation myself. Hopefully I will be able to successfully do this and keep this blog up regularly. I intend to write not only about the process of illustration, but also other random things along the way, such as what I am reading, and maybe even a bakery review or two.

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